Monetise your event filming

Using a sting at the front and back end of your video edits means you can offer new sponsorship opportunities to sponsors at your events.

In the case of seminars at conferecnes and exhibitions this can mean up to 8 seminars in one seminar room in one day. When you add rooms and days this as you can see can add up to a good revenue opportunity.

Take a look at the sponsor sting idea used for the Transport Ticketing event earlier this year. In this case Clarion Events wanted to test the concept using the event branding by animating it at the front and back end of their semianrs.

For more information about monetising your event filming contact Neale Pritchard on 01179 633 966 or email

On Site Edit for Sustainability Live!

A new tool in the armoury of event organisers is the on site edit. What do I mean…well i|s|media can film and edit footage from your event or exhibition and have it ready to send out the same day.
Why would you do this….sending an email out to those visitors registered to attend the event who have not attended on the first day will increase attendance on day 2 or day 3 of your event. Video engages viewers like no other medium. Attendance increases by up to 20% when video is used in emails to attract and encourage audiences to attend.
Take a look at the on site edit for yourselves.

If you want more visitors to your events use video to engage with them!

i|s|media speak at The Specialist Media Show

i|s|media speak at The Specialist Media Show

Using video to enhance your events was the subject of the seminar session at the Think Tank in Birmingham recently as Neale Pritchard and Paul Gooding spoke about their experiences about how to capture, host and monetise video footage online.

i|s|media have developed a turnkey solution to getting good quality seminar presentations online fast, cost effectively and with a hosting solution that is reliable and  works across all browsers and is iOs compatible so will work on ipad and iphone.

Commenting Neale Pritchard said “We have developed by far the most cost effective solution to getting your event presentations online. Not only that we can do it faster than anyone else out there, offer you a hosted solution that will work on ipad and iphone and give you player options to suit your business needs. Oh, and we can deliver sponsorship to reduce your costs even further”

For pricing and more details contact Neale Pritchard or Paul Gooding on 01179 633 966 or email

Bespoke Outdoor Exhibition Stand

i|s|media designed built and installed specific bespoke units at Grasslands 2011 for DairyCo and EBLEX. Not only were they put through their paces as the weather turned blustery but the water proof vinyl graphics on a white background worked well and generated lots of interest from farmers at the show.

So much so that the same format will be used at another show early in the new year.

For more information about stand build indoor or outdoor for your exhibition please call Neale Pritchard on 01179 633 966 or email neale on

Conference Venue steals the show!

The latest venue i|s|media have delivered a conference in must be one of the most beautiful places to work in ther UK – Tylney Hall Hotel on the outskirts of Basingstoke.

As you drive into the venue you are uplifted by the relaxing and tranquil surroundings, overlooking the golf course.

Work still goes on as usual to set up and deliver the conference, but what a great place to work.

Delivering for Purity Productions, using specifically designed set and lighting, taking account of pillars in what is a difficult room to work.

Would we use the venue again or recommend it? Yes, outstanding!

If you would like us to look for and book a venue for your company conference please call us on 01179 633 966

A4U Video Success

The A4U Awards were delivered successfully by i|s|media again this year at The Grosvenor House Hotel in London.

Additionally they were filmed and captured live to go into the online brochure and all 28 awards and a highlights video were up online ready for distribution of the brochure the next morning – a fantastic effort by all involved!

The viewing figures have been amazing, leading to upgrades of all sorts of services to support the streaming as more an more people have taken a look!

Sponsors have well and truly got value for money at this ever growing and popular event.

For more information about filming your awards or event and uploading to your e-zine or web site please call Paul Gooding on 01179 633 966

CIPS Tests Live Capture

Large Event Company trials Live capture

A significant event management company has decided to trial Live Capture as part of its plans for 2011. Although Live capture is only one of several technologies being trialled Paul Gooding MD at i|s|media feels confident that it will be adopted longer term “the technology offers great results every time at a fraction of the cost of other technologies and there are no post production costs. Your video can be up online within hours of an event finishing, which is now the expectation. This sort of video on demand for the corporate marketplace is only just taking off. It will be interesting to see which monetisation options are adopted from the ones we have researched and are making available.”

The trial will begin later this year as the event season takes off. The results of the trial will be used to develop strategy going into 2012.

For more information about trials of Live Capture and the monetisation options available please contact us or call Paul Gooding on 01179 633 966

Sponsorship Opportunities and More!!

Never heard Bugatti Veyron referred to like this!

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VIDEO PLAYER and pay-per-view video hosting.

i-player for the event marketplace – Live Capture

i|s media have pioneered a great cost effect solution for clients to enable them to capture any conference and have it available online within hours of the show closing.

It combines the video feed of the presenter, the data feed of their presentation into one simple video file.

Capture your Conference, Generate More Revenue.

Conference Captcha – want some additional revenue?

Conference Captcha is a new product offering from IS Media enabling the capture and compression of conference presentations – presenter and slides as one video piece. The fact that this can be captured in one place and compressed quickly means the video files can be online on your web site within hours of the end of the presentation and not days.

New Director Appointed

IS MEDIA appoints new Director – Neale Pritchard

IS Media have strengthened their management team by appointing Neale Pritchard as Director. Neale was appointed on 1st May and brings with him over 19 years of expertise in event management and experiential events. Neale’s background, working with big brands such as Coca Cola and Hyundai and his knowledge of sponsorship and the internet, compliment the technical expertise of MD Paul Gooding and the rest of the team.

Memorable Events…..

A fresh look at IS Media – It’s all about ME!

IS Media launch their new visual identity and marketing communications platform, It’s all about ME!  The company appointed T2M sales and marketing agency to reposition the company to better reflect their core offer and create a marketing communications platform that would resonate with their ever growing client base.

It’s all about ME….

What really makes an event memorable…? In the corporate marketplace where often its all about bums on seats to make an event pay for itself how often do organisations think about developing the user experience in an attempt to generate increases in footfall?