It’s all about ME….

What really makes an event memorable…? In the corporate marketplace where often its all about bums on seats to make an event pay for itself how often do organisations think about developing the user experience in an attempt to generate increases in footfall? 

These organisations will hide behind the fact that this will mean an investment that they cant afford…….but can they afford not too?

Those companies that do think ahead will be the winners as their events are well attended and repeat business generates even more revenue….

Better quality sets, audio visual experience, accomodation and delegate information all add to the user experience, and what of the speakers….well they too need good quality equipment, ease of use often support at the event and no technical hitches.

Post event too organisations can continue to win votes……copies of the presentations on DVD, edited and delivered as delegates leave and access to web content within hours of them leaving – yes this can be done! – and follow up calls to get feedback will all make them feel valued and add a competitive edge.

And as far as the investment is concerned well it can be recouped to a certain extent with a little thought… per view web content for delegates and those unable to attend,  and new sponsorship opportunities on the web content served as ad content would be…..

I’m sure there are other great ideas that you may have and other great revenue opportunities to offset the investment needed…..let me have your thoughts!

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