Large Event Company trials Live capture

A significant event management company has decided to trial Live Capture as part of its plans for 2011. Although Live capture is only one of several technologies being trialled Paul Gooding MD at i|s|media feels confident that it will be adopted longer term “the technology offers great results every time at a fraction of the cost of other technologies and there are no post production costs. Your video can be up online within hours of an event finishing, which is now the expectation. This sort of video on demand for the corporate marketplace is only just taking off. It will be interesting to see which monetisation options are adopted from the ones we have researched and are making available.”

The trial will begin later this year as the event season takes off. The results of the trial will be used to develop strategy going into 2012.

For more information about trials of Live Capture and the monetisation options available please contact us or call Paul Gooding on 01179 633 966

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