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On Site Edit for Sustainability Live!

A new tool in the armoury of event organisers is the on site edit. What do I mean…well i|s|media can film and edit footage from your event or exhibition and have it ready to send out the same day. Why would you do this….sending an email out to those visitors registered to attend the event […]

i-player for the event marketplace – Live Capture

i|s media have pioneered a great cost effect solution for clients to enable them to capture any conference and have it available online within hours of the show closing. It combines the video feed of the presenter, the data feed of their presentation into one simple video file.

It’s all about ME….

What really makes an event memorable…? In the corporate marketplace where often its all about bums on seats to make an event pay for itself how often do organisations think about developing the user experience in an attempt to generate increases in footfall?